About Us

At myfitscore we believe we can help everyone, everywhere to get fit. This is a personal journey for us after years and years of trying to get in shape using every diet, detox, workout plan and App out there. Often with some short term benefits, but never with lasting success.

So we decided to do something about it and use everything we’ve learnt along the way, along with cutting edge research into habit formation and behaviour change to develop a new health and fitness App.

So this App is built for us but we hope you’ll join us on our mission to help as many as people as possible become leaner, healthier and happier. The App is currently under development and we expect to launch in the middle of 2019.

Whilst we are in this development stage we are offering our premium membership options at a discounted price with a 100% money back guarantee if you change your mind at any point before we go live.

We are also offering a unique opportunity for up to 99 people to become founding members and join us every step of the way on our journey to create the world’s best, most successful fitness App.



Log your healthy daily and weekly habits and earn points that you can exchange for rewards. You’ll have seen lots of advertising offering you a total body transformation in 30 days but the truth is if you want to get in shape for life you need to change your behaviour and adopt consistent healthy habits. Because fitness is a journey not a sprint.


Take our unique fitness test to determine your current level of fitness. This 15 minute bodyweight test can be taken anywhere by anyone and will show you your current ‘fitscore’. Using the App you can then re-take this test and monitor your progress on a regular basis. We will also show you how you compare to other users in your demographic and allow you to challenge your friends and family to take the test.


To help you on your fitness journey we will partner up with several brands to offer you multiple rewards and prizes along the way. The more you workout and log your habits, the more points you will earn and the more prizes you’ll win. And those users upgrading to one of our premium memberships will earn multiple points allowing them to win even more prizes. However the ultimate reward of using myfitscore will be a leaner, healthier, happier you!


There’s a reason people say ‘you are what you eat’! Eating correctly is important to achieve the fitness goals you set yourself, whatever these are. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our simple nutritional calculator uses your details to tell you exactly how many calories and macronutrients you need to eat every day to help achieve your goals.


Upgrade to a premium membership and our algorithm will create bespoke 15 minute High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) workouts for you that can be done anywhere. Whilst eating correctly will get you so far if you want to build lean muscle as well as maximising your fat loss you need to exercise. The good news is this doesn’t have to consist of hours and hours of training. Just five of these short workouts a week will help you achieve your fitness goals.